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Here at ONZRA our Quality Assurance Engineers can help ensure that your customers have the best interaction with your product. We can help iteratively test your product to ensure it is stable, secure, and in-line with your marketing requirements.

Our quality assurance procedures tie in closely with each of our specialized review services providing load testing, and security audits. Our QA Engineers also have a background in development and can integrate seamlessly with your existing development teams.

Verifying the performance metrics and reliability of your implementation is a key element to begin or continue growth. This is best done before the official launch but often times benchmarking is necessary to overcome the obstacles of sudden or unexpected growth after production is already in place. We'll start with the collection and analyzation of real time statistics of your infrastructure's behavior, such as database load, CPU and memory utilization. And with this information we'll aid you in knowing where the weak points of your application are, and at what points your infrastructure will fail. Here are some of the questions we can answer:

  • How will my application handle under load?
  • Will my application properly scale?
  • How many simultaneous users can it support?

While the items tested may vary from application to application, your typical web application will include the following tests:

  • Response Times
  • Error Responses
  • Infrastructure Statistics

All source code has bugs and these bugs cost money. Our team of auditors can efficiently review your proprietary source code for performance flaws and bugs that may slip past a QA team. During this process ONZRA can even help guide your team of developers to creating more stable and bug free software. Our team of auditors will review code for many items including:

  • Best Practices
  • Security Issues
  • Inefficient Code
  • Bugs

Your company is growing, as is your traffic. If your web application can't handle the heat, it may be time to bring in the ONZRA team to help you through this transition. If your application is not scaling as initially hoped our team of experts can profile your application and discover exactly which improvements will give you the best performance gains. When we're finished, your application will run smoother and faster than ever before, and with less resources!

ONZRA will spend time analyzing your application's architecture, and determine the weak points. We will look at everything from database architecture, and load balancing to the software's design. After our findings have been made, ONZRA will, help you to remediate the issues and get your application back on track.

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I have complete confidence in the projects completed by the team at ONZRA. Their experience in secure development and in-depth knowledge of infrastructure deployments brought the needed skills to get the job done. The energy and positive attitude ONZRA brought was just what the project needed. They interfaced effortlessly with our engineering teams and brought specialized knowledge that was immediately applicable, and difficult to acquire elsewhere
Chris Nelson
Director of Technology