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ONZRA can help you transform your product idea into a reality. We can help you determine the complexity of desired features, and assign prioritization to these features that will assist you in reaching your final vision. We will help you plan out the various milestones for your product, and make sure the dates for delieverables are realistic and obtainable.

Transforming your ideas into a viable product or application is a daunting task. The most crucial technology decisions are made early on during this process. Our team of software architects can help you lay the groundwork right the first time around. Covering everything from determining the proper network infrastructure to choosing the right backend databases, we can make sure that technology is your ally for the long haul.

  • Server Side Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Whether your application is large and will manage thousands of simultaneous users, or if its relatively small, our database architects will work on designing the perfect database schema, and systems architecture. We have experience with all the different forms of replication, and are well prepped to tackle your needs.

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